What are yours?

When the world is just being a bit much, here’s a good thing you could do, from Siobhan:

“…we sometimes played a game we called Five Nice Things. It is what it sounds like: You take turns naming things that are nice. Five is the number. It can be a thing that makes you happy, a compliment for the other person, a win at work, “This broccoli is tasty,” whatever. It’s a bit sappy, but it’s not the sappiest, and the rules were: Don’t overthink it, and be specific.”

Here are mine, for today. What are yours?

  1. Sunshine: It’s been cloudy for going on 200 years in brooklyn, but right now there are sun rays poking through the clouds, coming in through my window and warming my feet while I write this.
  2. Manhattans: This is the drink that is getting me through This Time:
    1 oz vermouth + 2 oz bourbon + 3 dashes bitters
    Stir with ice until nicely cold, strain into a glass with a honest maraschino cherry.
  3. People who give a shit: I’ve been nicely reminded — by colleagues at work doing hard things, by strangers in the world doing good things— that many people care about trying to make existence more meaningful & beautiful & good. They’re not going to give up.
  4. A good warm blanket: I recently retrieved a sort of shawl/blanket thing I used to keep in the office when I went to an office. It’s bright red and the right weight and softness for fall chills. I drape it around myself and feel better, and it really pops on Zoom calls.
  5. No Surprises: I don’t know why, but I’ve been listening to this Radiohead song from OK Computer a lot this week, playing it on ukulele for my kids (who do NOT enjoy it) or while doing work and it’s a nice thing.

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