Really thrilled to see this out in the world — we’ve been working on a lot of projects to help creators be more successful on Medium, but the new Creators Hub is our first new publication dedicated to helping writers on Medium get better at what they do. It’s already full of useful advice for writers of all stripes, with much, much more to come.

Randomly re-reading the very last thing posted on Gawker, a piece written by founder and publisher Nick Denton outlining the history and demise of the site, published in August 2016.

Makes me wonder about where Gawker would be if it were still alive today, or why it is nothing similar has arisen in its place. …

Benedict Evans just wrote up a longer post about the slide from his Summer Update that I highlighted in my last link roundup:

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He makes two great points about TikTok: 1) The U.S. should be thinking about it in the same way Europeans have thought about Facebook/Google/Apple for years; and 2) it’s just the first of what will surely be many dominant non-U.S. owned apps the wrestle with:

There are all sorts of issues with the ways that the US government has addressed Tiktok in 2020, but the most fundamental, I think, is that it has acted as though this is a one-off, rather than understanding that this is the new normal — there will be hundreds more of these. You can’t one-at-a-time this — you need a systematic, repeatable approach. …


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