I think about this a lot in the context of New Years resolutions and that list of things I always want to be doing but never am.

But I really like this simple statement. It makes me think of Michael Pollan's edict on diet, "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Most of the world's knowledge is still to be found in books. Reading more often is a way of accessing that knowledge, and will -- inevitably, I think -- make you smarter and better-informed.

Just read more often.

I’m really excited about the growth of good programming writing that’s happening at Medium right now. If you’re looking for some great publications to follow, you could do worse than starting with these:

1 // New data shows that banning Trump from Twitter had no impact at all on Twitter usage. (OneZero)

2 // The Biden administration has been starting the difficult work of reuniting parents and children split up as part of Trump’s family separation policy — but it’s a complicated process that is sure to take a long time. (Business Insider)

3 // That $1,400 relief check? There’s a long road ahead, and Congress may not be able to pass the stimulus bill until March. (Slate)

4 // An analysis of the past decade of Academy Awards shows a clear pattern…

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1 // Women — especially Black and Latina women — are suffering disproportionately during the pandemic.

Two recent studies show women are more impacted by recent job losses than men, both in the U.S. and globally. (Insider)

Women have also been facing the hard choice to leave their jobs, as COVID-19 makes it increasingly hard to ignore difficult truths about…

The systemic problems this view highlights are daunting, but we do badly need to move past a world in which we view issues like this as somehow separate from our own participation in and use of platform media.

The next era of the Internet begins


Over on Medium, I wrote about how different eras of the internet have intersected with different U.S. presidencies; with the end of the Trump era, it feels like we are entering a new period on the internet. Read more at i18n on Medium.


One year in, Protocol is starting to move on its global expansion plans
Politico’s off-shoot tech site is expanding with international verticals, starting with Protocol China. (Digiday)

Predictions for Journalism 2021 Nieman Lab’s annual tradition of asking smart people in the media business about what will happen in the year ahead is always good fun…

The web is turning another corner.

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Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

More than other mediums, the development of the internet matches the different cycles of American presidencies. This is mostly an accident of history, and you might quibble about the dates a bit, but in broad strokes we’ve had four main eras of the web so far:

  • Web 1.0//Clinton Era
  • Web 2.0//Bush Era
  • The Social & Mobile Web//Obama Era
  • Misinformation & The Gig Economy//Trump Era

We are entering a new era right now with the end of the Trump presidency — the actions of Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple just in the last few…

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